Marshall Mesa

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A rolling landscape of brilliant fall colors.
A man hiking with his dog.
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This is a great, moderate hike with fantastic views and water in the summer for the pooch.

I recommend doing a loop here. From the new trailhead at the the intersection of 93 and Marshall Road, you can either start by going left and doing a clockwise loop or right to do a counter-clockwise loop. The top part of the loop parallels an irrigation canal which has water in it for most of the summer and winter. It is a great way for dogs to cool off and get dirty! There is also the option to head further south on the Greenbelt Plateau trail that spurs off from the Marshall Mesa trail. You’ll see a bridge over the canal to take you there. This trail is mostly a prairie trail with more great views. For mountain bikers, this trail connects to a large circuit of trails that go through Superior and back to the other side of Marshall Mesa.

One caveat to the Dog Heaven designation is that this area has become popular with Mountain Bikers and is part of the Boulder agriculture program that allows the grazing of cows (as seen in the photos above). So please keep your dog under voice control or on leash. We do not need any encounters to cause friction between the different users of the open space resources! We are extremely lucky to have so much land to enjoy with our dogs, let’s not screw it up!

Official City information page for Marshall Mesa Trailhead

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