BoboLink Trail

South Boulder Creek
The current flows around a tuft of grass in a stream.
A female runner on a snowy morning in Boulder, CO.
An old barn sits in a green field of freshly harvested hay at sunrise.
Old barn sits under heavy snow in Boulder, Colorado.
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The Bobolink trail is a nice meandering trail that follows South Boulder Creek through some riparian woods. While walking along this trail, it is easy to forget that you are in town. This is also a great place to see the spring calving when the local farmers bring cows to Boulder Open Space areas to have their calves.

Dogs will really enjoy this trail with the creek always there to cool them off and get them dirty. However, they are not allowed on the trail south of South Boulder Road.

There is a trailhead at the intersection of Cherryvale Rd and Baseline Rd that provides access to the dog-friendly area between Baseline and S Boulder Rd. This is my favorite section of the trail. You can also park at the Rec Center or at a trailhead next to the red barn on Cherryvale Rd, just south of S Boulder Rd.

Official City information page for the Bobolink Trail

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