About The Site

“Can you tell me the best hikes in Boulder?”

Since hiking is one of the best things to do in Boulder (and Denver for that matter), I found myself answering this question many times over the years and not being able to find good information online to share. So I finally decided to create my own resource online for people! This site is a collection of trail descriptions and my photography from areas within and around Boulder, Colorado.

This is not your usual guide information. This site is a collection of photos and descriptions that I would share with my friends. It will not include every hike in Boulder County, but it will contain information for those that I think are the best. The collection will grow with time from favorites to less so. The bottom line is that there are few BAD hiking trails in Boulder County, I am just going to focus on the best ones first! I am hoping this site can also be a resource for those looking for the best hikes near Denver as well, since I believe Boulder is the best place to hike within 30-45 minutes of Denver!

How to use the site:
Best During: there are really no bad times of the year to hike in Boulder. These filters are suggestions. For example, if Summer is not an attribute of a hike, then that hike is probably very exposed and hot during the summer.

Difficulty: this is a very subjective rating in Boulder. Difficult generally means either long or steep. Easy means flat. Moderate means somewhere in between.

Dog Heaven: this rating is for those hikes that are perfect for dogs. Usually the designation means that it is a hike with lots of dogs and dog lovers. Dogs are allowed on almost all the trails in Boulder, with many allowing dogs off-leash by permit. The site will make note if a hike does not allow dogs at all.

All photography on the site is by Ben Klaus and is copyrighted. Do not steal for any commercial use. Steal for your wallpapers and blogs all you want though!! Or you can buy them here! I apologize for the ads, I’m just hoping to cover my costs of running the site. I’ve tried to keep them minimal and visually appealing!

If there is content you’d like me to add or you have questions, feel free to contact me using the form below.


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