Boulder Chautauqua Area

Sunrise over the Flatirons in Boulder Colorado.

A spring storm clears out over the Royal Arch area in the Flatirons of Boulder Colorado. 

A spring storm passes over the Flatirons of Boulder Colorado.

_MG_5730 - Version 2
A spring snow on the Boulder Flatirons. 

Closeup perspective of the Boulder Flatirons.
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One of Boulder’s most popular and iconic areas, the Boulder Chautauqua trailhead offers a wide variety of options. This is the Northern end of the 7 mile long Mesa Trail, which can be done in one day as a long shuttle hike to a car waiting at the other end. There are also numerous shorter options.

One can have fun exploring here without a destination or by choosing from one of many hikes, including:

Royal Arch, a nice hike up to the top of the Flatirons.

Gregory Canyon, a steep red rock canyon that goes around the Flatirons to the North.

Flagstaff Mountain, a trail that crosses Flagstaff Road multiple times on the way up to the summit of Flagstaff Mountain.

Official City information page for the Chautauqua Area

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